Leave the fancy overpriced gyms in the past where they belong.

There’s no reason to go broke trying to look the opposite. That’s why in the below we’ve

compiled 5 tips on how to stay fit on a budget. It’s easier than you think.


1. Buy used or cheap workout videos

There are always the infomercials that promise you deals, but we know you can do better than

that. Get creative! Try going to thrift shops and secondhand stores to find used workout videos

or DVD’s. Even better, scour garage sales. You’d be surprised how much treasure you find in

someone else’s junk. They might be old, but you might find your soul mate workout.

The best part about workout videos? No one is watching and you can modify to make the

exercise work for your fitness level.


2. Youtube work-outs

Any person with internet access can find a workout they love. Youtube has a ton of fitness gurus

with their own channels wanting to help someone like you. It doesn’t cost a dime, and you’ll be

breaking a sweat in no time.

Filters are a great help when you’re short on time. Just let YouTube know how long you want

the video to be, and voila! A perfectly tailored workout for your busy schedule and tight budget.

No excuses!


3. Go on a run or walk outside

This might be the most obvious but the hardest for people to do. Everyone has a lazy day or

month (or dare we say, year or life!) but there’s no reason you can’t take a quick lap around the

neighborhood to get your heart pumping.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try going on a hike or taking your run on some outside trails.

Wetlands and nature centers are picturesque settings to take your exercise to. Keep it

entertaining and switch up the scenes or take a loved one with you to re-connect all while

staying fit, healthy and happy.


4. Find a cheap gym

There are lots of gyms nowadays that don’t offer the extra fluff and give you exactly what you

need within your budget. Some great ones include Crunch Fitness, Chuze, and Fitness 19.

These gyms are brand new with the latest cardio and weight equipment and give you it for

under $20 a month.


5. Bum off a buddy

If you have a friend who goes to a fancy gym, see if you can go with them on their buddy pass.

Most gyms allow their members to bring a friend in hopes their friend will join, they will do

anything to keep the new business pumping. Politely decline and enjoy your workout. They will

even give you a free week to see if you like it. No reason not to go work out, friend time and

gym time. Win win!


There are many ways in which to stay fit and stay within your budget. Do you have any other

suggestions on how to stay fit on a budget? Let us know in the comments below.