One of the most difficult times of the year for those trying to lose or maintain weight is the holiday season. Don’t let the holidays be your excuse to quit your healthy habits. You’ll be happy you did when you avoid the seasonal weight gain.

1. Eat Breakfast

Control your appetite at your Thanksgiving feast by eating a light and healthy breakfast. If you skip breakfast, you’ll end up eating more to make up for the meal you skipped that morning.

2. Swap Out Ingredients

Swap out unhealthy ingredients for healthier options. For instance, instead of candied yams eat sweet potatoes.  Instead of cooking a green bean casserole, have steamed fresh green beans.

3. Keep it Balanced

Resist the urge to overload on your favorite Thanksgiving dish, especially if it is an unhealthy one. Be sure to keep your plate ratio to: ½ vegetables, ¼ protein, and ¼ carbohydrates.

4. Pitch In

Offer to bring a traditional Thanksgiving dish and healthify it! Here’s a healthy stuffing recipe your family will love and their health will appreciate!

5. Partake in a Physical Activity

Whether it’s before or after you eat, be sure to do something active on Thanksgiving. Make it a family adventure and take a walk together after dinner.

6. Drink Water

Hydration is key to avoid overeating. Go easy on the empty calorie beverages such as alcohol, soda, and punch.

7. Focus on the Holiday

Thanksgiving is about appreciation for your family and friends. Make sure to emphasize spending quality time together outside of all the delicious food.

8. Enjoy!

Savor your meal and practice mindfulness when you eat. Appreciate what it took to get your food to your plate and savor each and every bite.

Of course, the holidays are a great excuse to indulge a little so don’t deprive yourself. Be mindful of the choices you are making and stay active. Happy Thanksgiving from MedXM!