Connecting health plan members to personalized care

At Quest HealthConnect, we collaborate with health plans to help their members take full advantage of their benefits. Our unique programs and preventive screenings empower patients to engage with personalized care services and give health plans greater insight into their members’ needs.

About Quest HealthConnect

Quest HealthConnect aims to provide world-class health services that meet the needs of underserved communities, accelerate access to high-quality care, close gaps in care, and engage health plan members in actively managing their health. By pairing personalized healthcare with integrated data solutions, we provide an unmatched member experience.

For health plan members

Our expertise in home- and community-based diagnostic and preventive services allows us to deliver care when, where, and how patients want it. Plus, many of our services are provided at no cost to you.


For health plans

By capturing deeper member health insights, Quest HealthConnect enables health plans to mitigate risk and accelerate access to sustained care coordination for early intervention.


As part of the Quest Diagnostics family of services, Quest HealthConnect is backed by the expertise and reliability of the world’s leading provider of diagnostic services.

This connection gives health plan members access to more testing and screening options. It also provides health plans with unmatched data resources to better respond to the health needs of their members.