About Us

Quest HealthConnect’s mission is to increase satisfaction among health plan members by helping them take full advantage of their benefits and enhancing the quality of their care. Quest HealthConnect continues to innovate with real-time solutions to alert members about health plan programs in Quest Patient Service Centers, as well as streamlined reporting to members, providers and health plans. Quest HealthConnect partners for health risk assessment and quality member services, empowering members to connect to better care. 

Quest HealthConnect works with health plans to create an effective approach to engage and connect with members.

As a national leader in the design and implementation of preventive care technology and health risk assessments, Quest HealthConnect has successfully focused their sights on Risk Adjustment and Quality Solutions by providing fully customization options to fulfill specific client needs.


Quest HealthConnect Mission

Quest HealthConnect’s mission is to improve quality of care and increase member satisfaction for all health plan clients through education, behavior modification, and early detection.

We have built a vast network of Medical Professionals throughout the USA equipped with the latest medical devices and diagnostic equipment. From the start, our growth has been fueled by an insistence on quality and service.

How It Works

Quest HealthConnect customizes services based on client needs. Quest HealthConnect’s range of services include comprehensive health risk assessments, post hospital discharge visits, osteoporosis screenings, labs, and ancillary services.

Quest HealthConnect gives members a chance to meet with a medical professional, in a choice of several locations, for one-on-one attention and knowledgeable answers.

In the Home
In a PCP or SNF