Diabetic retinal screening

Protecting your eye health and vision

An annual retinal screening may be covered under your health plan at $0 out-of-pocket. The screening helps find changes in the blood vessels that can lead to a common, yet preventable, form of blindness—diabetic retinopathy. A yearly screening is especially important for people who have diabetes. With early detection, you can explore treatments to help protect your vision.

Diabetic retinopathy affects 1 in 3 adults with diabetes

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

About your diabetic retinal screening

The screening involves taking images of the retina and surrounding blood vessels in your eyes. There is no need to dilate your pupils, and the process only takes a few minutes to complete. Imaging results must be shared with your doctor or eye specialist.

Contact your health plan to check if you qualify for this service at $0 out-of-pocket.