Health plans are the primary buyers of MedXM services.
MedXM offers a number of in-home services that are customized based on a health plan’s need. Options include a comprehensive Health Risk Assessment. Additionally, MedXM offers special services, including DRE (Digital Retinal Eye Exam), follow-up Osteo exam for post-fall/fractures, and a variety of lab tests, including A1C, Micro Albumin, and Cholesterol.
MedXM is contracted by health plans to provide services to their members to support population health management, quality, and risk adjustment programs. MedXM provides the results of these services to the health plan and can also send the results to the patient’s doctor at the patient’s request.The screening will not replace the relation- ship the patient has with his/her doctor.
MedXM has a network of providers including physicians, nurse practitioners, and optometrists. They also utilize Exam One’s network of examiners and phlebotomists to provide in-home services.
Health plans provide MedXM with a list of their eligible members that they have identified for a home-based services.

MedXM engages patients through co-branded letters or calls made by Patient Care Coordinators employed by MedXM. Patient Care Coordinators explain the service to the patient and schedule an appointment.

Yes, if a critical lab result is received, a MedXM Patient Care Coordinator will inform the patient’s primary care physician (if identified). The MedXM Patient Care Coordinator will also follow up with a faxed copy of the results. Not all lab work is performed by Quest Diagnostics, so it is possible that the results will not be in the physician’s EMR.
Since MedXM is a Quest Diagnostics company and Quest has good brand recognition, it was decided to utilize the Quest name when calling and engaging with patients. In fact, since adding Quest Diagnostics to the calls, MedXM’s appointment rate has increased due to the high level of trust and brand recognition of Quest Diagnostics.
More about the company and its services can be found at http://www.MedXM1.com/.

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