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Typical duties and responsibilities of this position are:

• A full review of medical history
• Diabetic Retinopathy Exam
• Visual Acuity
• Ishihara (Color vision Test)
• Tonometry
• Internal and External Ocular Evaluation
• Work collaboratively with other MedXM employees, including the scheduling department, as needed.

Job Requirements:

• Current Optometry/Ophthalmology license & Board Certification
• Retinoscope
• Pen light
• Ophthalmoscope
• Tonometer or tonopen
• Eye Chart & Occluder
• Color vision test
• Biomicroscope for dilated exam
• 20D and 90D lenses for external and internal ocular evaluations
• Dilation drops
• Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word
• Valid Driver’s License, and proof of insurance
• Must have availability to complete a minimum of 20 exams per week
Must be willing to commute

MedXM offers its Optometrists/Ophthalmologists the following benefits:

• Excellent Pay
• Laptop computer provided
• Flexibility in appointment scheduling

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